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Details Curriculum-Chirurgie-Curriculum-Zahnrztliche-Chirurgie-3-Bde-Bd1-Chirurgie-Curriculum-Zahnmedizin

Bd. 1: Chirurgie. Chirurgische Grundlagen, Anästhesie, Allgemeine Operationsprinzipien, Spezielle OperationslehreBroschiertes BuchDas Curriculum Chirurgie stellt in drei Bänden die Lehr- und Lerninhalte der zahnärztlichen Chirurgie und Mund-Kiefer ...

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Details Curriculum-in-the-Making-A-Post-constructivist-Perspective-Critical-Praxis-and-Curriculum-Guides-Band-5

'Curriculum*-in-the-Making' theorizes about the living curriculum as an event that is in the making, for the enacted curriculum is something finished, which, only as an object, can be compared to another object. A living curriculum, understood as an ...

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Details Cultures-of-Curriculum-Studies-in-Curriculum-Theory-Series

Cultures of Curriculum Using "cultures of curriculum" as a lens, this clear, compelling text reveals and critically examines the belief systems and classroom practices of curricular orientations in contemporary American society. It is designed to ...

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Details Curriculum-Webs-Weaving-The-Web-Into-Teaching-and-Learning

Curriculum Webs /*0205459404, Cunningham, Curriculum Webs 2, 2e*/Curriculum Webs helps in-service teachers, curriculum developers, and pre-service teachers build and use the World Wide Web as a central resource to facilitate learning. A curriculum web ...

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Details Meeting-Standards-Through-Integrated-Curriculum

Meeting Standards Through Integrated Curriculum A guide to integrating standards across the curriculum through the Know/Do/Be framework. Full description

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Details A-Sensory-Curriculum-for-Very-Special-People-Practical-Approach-to-Curriculum-Planning

A Sensory Curriculum for Very Special People This book was developed from the author's work with profiundly handicapped children at a special needs school. Their sensory impairment meant that accepted teaching methods did not work as they were unaware ...

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Details Curriculum

Sony Music Entertainment Cd denny la home - curriculum

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Details The-Early-Childhood-Curriculum

Based on research that demonstrates the powerful advantages of integrating the curriculum while providing inquiry opportunities, The Early Childhood Curriculum shows how to make such an approach work for all children, preschool through the primary ...

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Details Interdisciplinary-Curriculum-Challenges-to-Implementation

Interdisciplinary Curriculum A group of leading educators examines the reputed merits of the interdisciplinary curriculum movement that has gained widespread popularity in recent years. Going beyond the platitudes, they explore the complex texture of ...

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Details CALL-Culture-and-The-Language-Curriculum

CALL, Culture and the Language Curriculum A study of CALL, culture and the language curriculum. Issues addressed include: facilitating socio-centred learning with possible computer applications; intercultural learning on the Internet; and cross ...

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Details Storytelling-across-the-Primary-Curriculum

Storytelling Across the Primary Curriculum "Starting from the question 'what is a story?' Storytelling Across the Primary Curriculum leads the reader through the theory and practise of storytelling as an educational method - a method taught by the ...

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Details Negotiating-The-Curriculum-Educating-For-The-21st-Century

Negotiating the Curriculum This work presents an ongoing international dialogue about the theory and Ppactice of curriculum negotiating in the classroom at elementary, primary, secondary and university levels. Full description

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Details The-Curriculum-Theory-and-Practice

The Curriculum A V Kelly's bestselling and classic text is now brought up to date with the latest curriculum changes and current thinking in education. It's great on general principles and the philosophical background to education, making it core ...

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Details Curriculum-Work-as-a-Public-Moral-Enterprise

Reflecting the current turn in curriculum work that underscores the relationship between theory and practice, this volume brings together the voices of curriculum theorists working within academic settings and practitioners working in schools and ...

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Details Valuing-Assessment-in-Science-Education-Pedagogy-Curriculum-Policy

Valuing Assessment in Science Education: Pedagogy, Curriculum, Policy This book examines the relationships between assessment, measurement and evaluation. It also explores assessment philosophies and practices in relation to the science curriculum and ...

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Details 100-Geography-Lessons-Years-3-4-100-Lessons-New-Curriculum

100 Lessons is Scholastic's best-selling series to support primary teachers with curriculum change. This new resource will support teachers with their planning in preparation to deliver the new curriculum for geography to be taught in schools from ...

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Details 100-Computing-Lessons-Years-1-2-100-Lessons-New-Curriculum

100 Lessons is Scholastic's best-selling series to support primary teachers with curriculum change. This new resource will support teachers with their planning in preparation to deliver the new curriculum for computing to be taught in schools from ...

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Details Teaching-and-Learning-and-the-Curriculum-A-Critical-Introduction

Teaching and Learning and the Curriculum Offers a critical examination of learning and teaching theories together with debate on the sociological construct of the curriculum. This guide is suitable for undergraduate students on Education Studies ...

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Details Childrens-Literature-and-Learning-Literacy-Study-Across-the-Curriculum-Literary-Study-Across-the-Curriculum-Language-Literacy-Series

Literary study should benefit both children's pleasure and skill in reading. In this engaging book, Barbara Lehman shows how to create meaningful, intellectually stimulating programs of literary study that are developmentally appropriate for students' ...

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Details Endless-Opportunities-for-Infant-and-Toddler-Curriculum-A-Relationship-Based-Approach

Endless Opportunities for Infant and Toddler Curriculum This new edition helps parents, caregivers, and early interventionists prepare curriculum for our youngest learners. To encourage learning, the authors use a three-step approach - Respect ...

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Details Acquiring-and-Organizing-Curriculum-Materials-A-Guide-and-Directory-of-Resources

Once again, Lare provides useful information on how to find curriculum materials and how to organize them for efficient access. A useful resource for curriculum materials librarians in academic libraries, school library media specialists, public ...

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Details The-Carolina-Curriculum-for-Infants-and-Toddlers-with-Special-Needs

The Carolina Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers with Special Needs (Ccitsn) For use with young children from birth to five years who have mild to severe disabilities, The Carolina Curriculum is a criterion-referenced system that seamlessly links ...

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Details Curriculum-Studies-in-China-Intellectual-Histories-Present-Circumstances-International-and-Development-Education

Curriculum Studies in China reveals how curriculum studies scholars in China understand their field's intellectual history, its present circumstances, and the relations among these intersecting domains with globalization. This book's project is ...

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Details Handbook-on-Developing-Curriculum-Materials-for-Teachers-Lessons-From-Museum-Education-Partnerships

Handbook on Developing Online Curriculum Materials for Teachers This book provides an essential resource for educators and museum professionals who wish to develop education focused eMuseums that feature motivational standards-based curriculum for ...